Here is how you can get Bitcoin for FREE!

In the Bitcoin universe, there are magical websites which award you Bitcoins for playing games and will get you free fractional Bitcoin as you roll and win Bitcoin.

Step One:

You need to set up a Bitcoin wallet.  I use Coinbase, which is well known; you can also use any Bitcoin wallet you have already set up.  Here is the link to Coinbase.  You will need to give the faucet your Bitcoin address so they can send the earned Bitcoin to you.

Step Two:

The way to get Bitcoin from this website is their free Bitcoin “Roll”, which gives you fractional Bitcoin when you actively click on their “Roll Button” on the home page.

Once you have registered and set up your account, make sure you enter the Bitcoin address your winnings go to, and start playing the game!
I use this site personally, and have earned Bitcoin from it.  (I like playing the game, and they pay interest on the Bitcoin you leave in the site).  This site allows you to get bitcoin every hour. The flat rate is currently 35 Satoshi per hour (Note: coupled to BTC/USD exchange rate: Bitcoin goes up, reward goes down, but is always same USD amount), but, if you are lucky (and we assume that the site generates truly random numbers – which I actually do believe) you can get more
They have a good FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, and clearly have an understanding of both Cryptocurrency and gaming.
Bitcoin Faucets are fun, so get out there and grab a few Satoshi’s for yourself!

Thanks for reading and TO THE MOON!

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