Time to buy Dogecoin


Dogecoin is getting a lot of press these days.

In fact, all crypto currencies, from Bitcoin to NFT’s are getting a lot of press, and each tweet and market high drive the internet wild.

I used to mine Dogecoin about 6 years ago, and sold it all (no regrets, my crystal ball is not working all the time).  Today I am buying Dogecoin – Not a lot, just keeping my hand in the game.  But my go-to exchange, Coinbase, does not handle Doge (at the time of this writing).  So I decided to open an account at Binance, and buy some Doge again.  I had to create an account, which required some serious verification.  I thought this was a pain, but I realize that crypto currencies are unregulated.  So being absolutely sure of your identity keeps your coins secure and free from thieves who would happily steal your wallet and all the coins in it.  It took a few days to get verified, and link my bank account,  but now I have Dogecoin again and am a happy camper!

Binance is an “exchange” for Crypto currency, which means you can exchange Dollars ($USD) from your bank account for a variety of cryptocurrencies.  Once you have Dogecoin, you can Hold it, buy more, sell, and convert to other cryptocurrencies.  You can also transfer some of your Dogecoin to a doge wallet on your cellphone or Computer.  Dogecoin Wallets are available from Dogecoin.com 

Dogecoins – available in physical form (no crypto value) from Amazon)

So if you want to get in on the Dogecoin fun, I recommend Binance for Dogecoin.  You can also get your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others as well.  The link is : Binance.us

My recommendation is that you accumulate coins with an ounce of caution, as Doge is Volatile and its good to play with, but don’t go “all in” or buy a lot at once.  wait for a drop in price, and buy what your budget can afford – Crypto currencies are known for volatility and risk, so invest a few bucks for fun.  It’s not worth losing your emergency fund or house to get into doge, regardless of how passionate you may be about it.  For example, I only bought $150 worth of Doge.  I may buy more.  But a loss of $150 will not be a “life altering” loss of money for me.  and if it doubled, well, it may not be like a lottery win – but I would be as excited!

One tweet about buying Tesla cars with Dogecoin or any press about dogecoin can send the price spiraling up or down.  This volatility if both exciting and heartbreaking as we don’t know which way the market is going.

Josh Wise Dogecoin NASCAR Car
Josh Wise Dogecoin NASCAR Car, 1/24 scale model, now a collectors item – and yes, I own one!

If you want to try a Dogecoin Faucet, where you can play games to earn Dogecoin – I use and recommend Rollercoin.  It is a 5 year old faucet that is fun and can get you some free crypto.

You can get free Dogecoin at Rollercoin

Now you know where to buy some Dogecoin (and others), so take a look and see about signing up!  To the Moon!

Doge “to the Moon” T-shirt, available on Amazon
Crypto exchange featuring Dogecoin

Is it time to buy some Dogecoin?

I bought $100 worth of Doge yesterday.  Elon Musk (now being called the “Dogefather”) is sure to be mentioning it on Saturday night live this Saturday.
The internet is losing its mind over this, with all kinds of posts – here is a smattering:
“Dogecoin surges to New all-time high Following eToro listing”
“Doge in the Game – The Oakland A baseball team will let you buy tickets with Doge”
“Doge is set to make it’s pop Culture debut pm SNL” (reference to May 8. 2021 show)
“Elon Musk will be on SNL in a skit nicknamed “The Dogefather”
If you buy into the hype, as I have, I may be selling it (except for any anticipated profits) next week. (I am already up $36 since last night)
A search on Reddit will bring up a lot of articles – Redditors are going gangbusters on Doge.
Not everyone is happy about Elon Musk appearing on SNL (doesn’t seem to be about Doge)
In my opinion, SNL has become a Saturday night staple, and used to be a lot funnier than it is now, most probably because it is less edgy and “fresh” than it was years ago.  I imagine that the current cast members are being pouty instead of funny – now that Elon Musk is taking all their oxygen.  If I am right that is pretty sad.
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Please do your due diligence and research this information before making any investment decision.  Just because it works for me doesn’t mean you should buy it – This is not a recommendation, just a summary of a cryptocurrency I like and hold in my portfolio.