Is it time to buy some Dogecoin?

I bought $100 worth of Doge yesterday.  Elon Musk (now being called the “Dogefather”) is sure to be mentioning it on Saturday night live this Saturday.
The internet is losing its mind over this, with all kinds of posts – here is a smattering:
“Dogecoin surges to New all-time high Following eToro listing”
“Doge in the Game – The Oakland A baseball team will let you buy tickets with Doge”
“Doge is set to make it’s pop Culture debut pm SNL” (reference to May 8. 2021 show)
“Elon Musk will be on SNL in a skit nicknamed “The Dogefather”
If you buy into the hype, as I have, I may be selling it (except for any anticipated profits) next week. (I am already up $36 since last night)
A search on Reddit will bring up a lot of articles – Redditors are going gangbusters on Doge.
Not everyone is happy about Elon Musk appearing on SNL (doesn’t seem to be about Doge)
In my opinion, SNL has become a Saturday night staple, and used to be a lot funnier than it is now, most probably because it is less edgy and “fresh” than it was years ago.  I imagine that the current cast members are being pouty instead of funny – now that Elon Musk is taking all their oxygen.  If I am right that is pretty sad.
Have a great Day


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